About Me

​Living in the Peak District National Park, I am inspired by the micro and macro landscapes surrounding me. Whilst the natural beauty of the area is obvious to many I am also influenced by the impact of humanity on the landscape and my images often draw on industrial and agricultural features.

​​My textile artworks are hand stitched, predominantly using locally sourced, hand dyed wool. Using a free had technique I “paint with thread and yarn”.

I was first inspired to experiment with embroidery by a family heirloom – a tiny freehand embroidery by my paternal grandmother depicting bluebell woods near her home in Yorkshire. In emulating her technique I found the perfect medium to express my love of the landscapes around me.

Whilst walking the paths and trails of the Peak District I see, hear, smell and feel the natural and manmade features which make this area so unique. I try to communicate my experience through the colour, texture and imagery of my pictures.